Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Games in Samoa

That time of the year again - when women primp, tease, chemically straighten their hair, go through hours of choosing the right outfits that say hi but not how you doing ;-), hit the gym, dont eat, diet diet diet, plucking and waxing. There's no big hype for New Years Resolutions weight loss. Samoan women go on extreme challenge in July/August.

All this for our Biggest and Hottest Export - the Manu Samoa. The team we have a love and hate relationship with. But love and hate their performance, off field we will always love them

A handful of Manu

I don't know if its my raging hormones, my beer goggles but the Manu Samoa team this year is looking really good -

Fast Forward again to 2011.

Life has changed. Getting an office with a window was the biggest goal in my life. I was grounded, very happy though I never knew it at the time. That was then. Now? just floating and waiting and hoping and watching. I need

Monday, September 08, 2008

Samoa's Favourite National Hobby - Beauty Paegaents

The yearly Teuila event - Ms Samoa the BIGGEST OF BIG BEAUTY PAEGENT, our National Obsession? has ended with Ms. Samoa/USA taking the title. Kudos to her and all the girls who signed to compete, knowing full well the judging begins way before they strut their stuff on the T shaped Catwalk in a stuffy EFKS hall hehe.
My Favourite Things

I love -

Music - the soppy kine, blaring, me with my oversized sunglasses, blowing, alone, wind sound effects haha, fashion - donna karan and vera wang. jewelry (22K) and street crafts, dimples, stilletos, lillies and lavender, While you were sleeping, City, Horoscopes, , Following US politics,

I hate -

Tuesdays, Tardiness, Indecisive, strong coffee,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fast Forward to 2008

I decided to do some summer cleaning and wiped my entire blog full of drunken posts :( A big part of my life then and now lol. Shit! 2006 and 2007 what a blast!!! In an almond nutshell - hahaha I shall continue: Have found the corner office finally!!! a few extra hours of work, and LUCK, + internalising all what Lois P. Frankel said in her "Nice Girls dont get the corner office" at last I made a small break :-) with the desk, the windows (2 monstrous ones!!) and the corner overlooking the road!!!! and the loud music the fruit stand people like to blast. I dont mind all and confess I singalong too!!! especially Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love mid afternoon LOL - priceless. I like to brag now with my door shut, before they take it away from me. That would suck, but nothing is ever for certain :-) I now know that.

Friends? All three have gotten married....Congrats!! Ms. PrettyinPink is with child, and is going to pop any minute now. Fortunately I was the 'chosen one' to accompany her on the hunt for the scrumptious cake on island - and yup we found it - Paddles (Lemon Lime Cake) To die for!!!

Went to a bunch of weddings this year. Maid of Honour twice (......first time I might add, and hopefully the last....) The pedicures and manicures were a bonus, but the running around cutting cakes, opening presents and reading cards - no thanks! then the infamous bridesmaids dresses which had to be tailored 'according to grams, you're in a church make sure you cover your shoulders'. Its a samoan thing, u can have a mini, waist hugging, heart-shaped cutouts...but if those shoulders are showing - it spells WHORE. I ended up opting for a traditional kneelength dress and a floral summer dress with a shirt over.

I've turned 25. A ticking timebomb? NO WAY :-) Thwarted the lesbian rumours haha I hope so:P Gypsy Kings and Michael Buble give me the dance twitch LOL. Or any song that prompts a drunken dance off with my cousin!! *cringe

Im a very lucky gal :-)......I like to think I take my chances. I enjoy odd people/conversations/moments. Ok too deep haha - my blog is to organize my thoughts *clap clap, poke fun of my encounters and was highly recommended by my shrink :P

*Not all stories are true hehe, and no, really Im not picking on you :-) ur just THAT interesting!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A) Four jobs I have had in my life

1) Dog Walker – 74th and 1st Ave
2) Cashier – ACS/Eveni
3) HR Intern – PSC
4) Admin Intern – D.C

B) Four places you have lived:

1) Vaivase - Samoa
2) Hilo/Honolulu – Hawaii
3) Manhattan, Brooklyn – New York

C) Four TV shows you love to watch:
2) Greys Anatomy

3) CSI Miami
4) Brothers & Sisters

D) Four places you have been on holiday
1) Los Angeles, California
2) Brisbane, Australia
3) Rarotonga, Cook Islands
4) Auckland, New Zealand

E) Four (4) of my favourite foods:

F) Four places I would rather be right now:

Monday, July 31, 2006

So its been three weeks now with this new job!!! Hmmmmm what was I thinkin? World Peace vs Real World LMAO.......Ok that'll get me fired so I better stop!!! On the bright side coz yup sometimes there IS a bright side. I dont feel like a trapped zoo animal with everyone walking by and smiling with that uncomfortable grin. Ugh. there I go again and force the notion that "everybody is looking at me" hhahahahahahahahaha........pugi!

Well Im finding my way around pretty slowly. I kinda miss the fast paced environment of the private sector but Im optimistic things will turn around. I am learning new programs so thats a plus and Im facing my two weaknesses - Organization/Management and Accounting. UGH. My bosses are actually great. They consist of a No nonsense Chick who is ALWAYS on top of things, to 3 pretty boys - Hair comes first before anything else hahahahahahaahahaha......I still think God is punishing me with putting me in the tree huggers society but the projects.....are well put together....this is me with zero knowledge.......FINE I was impressed by the fancy folders and binding hahahahahahaha.

Some benefits worthy of mentioning/showing off hehehehe
I do have a brand new spankin' computer ;-) All the more to keep my blog up to date WHOO HOO LOL. My own extension yup yup yup.............. I mean I still want the corner office with a window!!!!!! but its a good start right? I guess in the mean time its gonna be a picture and I have to practice to pretend the other person across the room is not really there hahahahaahahahaha It sucks to start at the bottom of the food chain..................but somebodys gotta do it! - just wished it wasnt me!!!!!!......

Hummmmmmmmmmmmm heres to years of humble pie..................Gosh, this is addictive. I better do some work!!